Start with a smile to your face even before your consultation begins.
The entrance to the cosmic therapeutic centre is by a gate with a sign that reads ‘star gate 12’.
The outside looks just like a cottage, with an entrance sign “cosmic cottage”, and this is where you are met by cosmic Pam.

Pam was named cosmic Pam by the children that came to see her for massage, tuning forks and laser acupuncture etc, and over the years, adults adopted the name as well.

Inside, looking around, it is obvious the cosmic theme has been continued, especially in the ceiling which displays circadian rhythms; dawn, day, dusk and night, the whole twenty four hour cycle.

This is crucial to Traditional Chinese Medicine, which has a classic approach to circadian rhythms, and how the flow of energy through the different organs of the body can affect health related problems throughout different times of the dawn, day, dusk and night, the twenty four hour cycle, the Chinese clock.

The cosmic ceiling is a cluster of stories, shown with words and pictures to explain how energy flows and impacts in different ways in health conditions.