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Mums – Dads – Grandparents and Children

Alarm ringing; is it easy to jump out of bed this morning? Do you feel supercharged or are your batteries running low? On some level stress affects you and your family, small amounts of stress motivates us all, and large amounts of stress can drain our batteries of energy.

Physically – children attending school each day and parents working can be stressful. Not forgetting doing laborious tasks, food in, meals made, house cleaned, clothes cleaned etc; etc, energy drops – drains the battery.

Mentally –thinking all the time – have I done this, got this, doing the right things for the children or spouse, deciding schools, etc-energy levels drop – drains the battery.

Emotionally – is everyone in the house happy, parent’s worry about the family, money, older relatives pets, personal needs, spouse and children. Energy levels drop – drains the battery. When either one of the parents are unwell, the children (no matter how small) will feel the change in the family home; and everyone including the family pet will suffer the ‘ripple effect’, the energy within the household changes.


Emotional feelings are a trigger and can upset the fine energy balance. Young children learn by how they feel, hear and see what is going on around them, this also applies to adults.

Accumulated stressful conditions will show up in the body somewhere, usually with adults it is tight neck and shoulders, or an injured area of the body from an old injury that will become painful.

Children may not sleep well, bed wetting at an older age or behavioral problems on some level.

The consultation we provide at Cosmic Therapeutic Centre act like a soothing balm for frayed nerves.

We offer many types of therapies to enhance muscles to relax and nervous systems to unwind.