How I can help you

Pamela is an acupuncturist of 25 years in practice, and her formal qualifications and continuing professional training are recognized by the Chinese Medicine Board in Australia.

Her Cosmic Therapeutic Centre offers one, two or three hour consultations for different conditions, most suited to the individual needs of each client.

Layer upon layer is the approach to treatment, as it is most important that each person leaves feeling happier within themselves. As much time as is necessary is taken to listen and to understand all the health aspects and needs.

If this makes the Initial consultation run over time, there is no extra charge.

Fine disposable acupuncture needles are used to free up body energy, reduce stiffness, reduce pain, and re-balance the immune system.

Have personalised tailored to fit acupuncture at Cosmic Therapeutic Centre.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) ACUPUNCTURE CONSULTATIONS


Initial consultation acupuncture 2 hours $80-125.00
Subsequent consultation
Acupuncture, cupping and moxa 1 hour $70.00
Relaxation Consultations
Acupuncture – Massage – Cupping – Moxibustion
2 hour consultation $115.00
3 hour consultation $170.00
Tuning Forks
Stimulating energy points on acupuncture meridians.
Needle sensitive adults, children and animals.
Subsequent consultation 1 hour $70.00
Subsequent consultation ½ hour $40.00
Japanese acupuncture for babies and small children
Initial consultation 30 minutes $65.00
Subsequent consultation 20 minutes $40.00
This process is gentle, ideal for babies and children 5-7 years old. Hand techniques can be taught to the parents or carer of the baby or small child so home care, acute conditions can be managed by the parents.
Massage with cupping no extra cost 1 hour $70.00
½ hour $40.00